Ballunatics 2D

A 2D remake of the original Ballunatics game, for 2 to 4 players with additional mechanics and graphics.

This project was a 4 week personal project, trying to improve on the original design of Ballunatics, while also applying a 2D artstyle.

Mechanically, the main changes or improvements consist of a double jump, as well as being able to roll around while on the ground, both using Unity's own physics engine.

The first jump simply adds an impulse in the direction of the players right joystick, adding to the rolling motion that the player character already has. The second jump resets the character's velocity before adding the impulse, allowing for sudden changes of direction and makes the motion more lika a mid-air dash than a jump. The player sprite also changes slightly after the second jump, to signal to the player that she has no jumps left and must land on the ground in order to reset the jumps.




UNITY 2019

Development time


Team size



  • Programming
  • Level design
  • Sound & Music

All art for this game is made by

Emanuel Axelsson