Easy Landing SNES

A splitscreen mashup of Bubble Bobble and Lunar Lander, where two players must cooperate in order to land safely.

In this project, my main responsibilities were level design as well as implementing tools made by programmers, such as event listeners for rotating the large lander, playing sounds and vfx when the characters pressed buttons, and triggering different game states.


The gameplay is inspired by games like Regular Human Basketball, where players must use small characters in a platforming environment in order to control a larger contraption.

Level designing for this game meant creating a level that was not too hard for players to navigate, since they don't have much time to move between buttons to control the ship on the other screen, but that also made sure they kept their eyes on both screens at all times, by requiring them to jump and turn to get where they want to go.

At first, we rotated the whole level when the players wanted to turn the lander. Gravity then made them fall down and start running around on the walls instead. This required a level where all platforms could be reached independent of rotation.

  1. This caused a lot of problems with the characters' collisions, as they needed to react to the level rotating, while still staying upright and having their gravity still being directed towards the bottom of the screen.
  2. Players could also suddenly wind up with no floor beneath their feet because the other player quickly turned the lander, which made them feel unfairly punished.
  3. Players rarely turned the lander enough to actually use the walls as floors. The game usually require more subtle turning.

Rotating the level


Rotating the camera

By instead choosing to rotate the camera in the opposite direction of the small lander on the left, we circumvented the problems listed above, while still achieving a similar visual effect and slightly disorienting experience.


  • Add a fuel pump inside the lander, in order to hinder the strategy of one player camping by the main thrustor button while the other switches place continuously.
  • Make sure to always spawn the lander above unlandable terrain.
  • Three different lander interior levels to randomly switch between when starting a new game, to increase the need for players communicate about their strategy for landing at the start of every round.
  • Vertical screen with horizontal splitscreen.





Development time


Team size



  • Basic design concept
  • Level design
  • C# scripting
  • UI implementation
  • Sound design & implementation
  • Music composition & implementation